MiniVOD - Version History

Version History:

Version 6.0, 23/Dec/2018
The app now lets you navigate into, and out of, feeds nested inside other feeds.
The feed editor screen now checks newly-added feeds for network accessibility.
Two bugs that caused some feed searches to return an exception (and no other results) have been fixed.
Version 5.0, 4/Sep/2017
Add initial support for Leanback Launcher.
Fix a bug where no feedback could be provided if no videos showed up in a feed. Now you should get the usual *No items* display.
Fix a crash that would kick you out of the video player if a video in a feed could not be retrieved. Now an error dialog will show up instead.
Minor code cleanups.
Version 4.0, 28/Mar/2017
Now you can search for podcasts by name in the Feed Editor (uses third-party search engines). Hit the Search button to try it.
While playing an audio podcast episode, the feed's custom image, or a generic audio icon will now be shown.
Version 3.1, 4/Jan/2017
Fix a bug that sometimes prevented the OPML import function from working with URL shorteners.
Add initial versions of image assets required for new Fire TV UI.
Version 3.0, 6/Dec/2016
Fix a bug where podcasts with very large numbers of items or podcasts containing items with very large descriptions could cause the app to exit.
Fix a bug where certain characters in the name of a podcast (like &) could prevent the rest of the subscriptions file from being read.
Fix a bug where http->https redirections could prevent images and podcast RSS files from loading.
Try harder to load smaller versions of images that were previously being rejected by the Fire TV as being too large, thus hopefully wasting less memory.
Fix a bug where an internal logic error was causing the app to fetch images for podcast items but sometimes fail to display them.
In the OPML parser, "title" and "text" attributes are now allowed to be paired with "url" and "xmlUrl" attributes regardless of the "type" attribute. This should allow "Import" in the Feeds screen to work on a wider range of subscription files.
Make the Settings screen's color scheme match the rest of the app.
Version 2.0, 5/Nov/2016
Added initial support for podcasts in Atom format.
Added support for importing OPML from local storage. Requires permission to read external storage.
Fixed some bugs in retrieving thumbnail images.
Fixed crash in Import dialog when invalid URL specified.
Added Edit button/dialog to Feed Editor screen.
Added more error details to several error dialog boxes.
Report error if zero feeds are successfully imported.
Fixed title of Settings screen.
If URL is invalid in Add or Edit dialog, we'll reopen the dialog instead of discarding the input.
If Name is empty in Add dialog, we'll give the feed a generic name.
If URL lacks scheme in Add dialog, we'll automatically try http:// for you.
Version 1.0, 28/Oct/2016
First public release.