MiniVOD is an app that lets you stream video podcasts to your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick over the Internet.

With this app and the URL for the RSS feed for your favorite video podcasts, you can now watch videos from those podcasts on your Fire TV. Videos are streamed, rather than downloaded, so not a whole lot of storage space is used on your Fire TV.

The app can be controlled entirely using the Amazon Remote, but if you have paired a wireless keyboard you can use it to enter URLs too. You can also import your existing podcast subscriptions in OPML format into the app using the feed editor.

You can use your Amazon Remote's dedicated buttons, or the on-screen controls, to pause or play the current video, rewind or fast forward, or skip to the previous or next video in the current feed.

Note: Podcasts containing videos the Fire TV can play natively are supported. Podcasts that link to web viewers (e.g. YouTube feeds) are not supported.

Now available on the Amazon Appstore for Android! Get it here.

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Version history


Version 3.1 released. Thanks to everyone who has continued to submit feedback.
Version 3.0 released. Thanks to everyone who has continued to submit feedback.
Version 2.0 released. Thanks to everyone who submitted feedback.
MiniVOD was mentioned on Reddit!
MiniVOD was mentioned on AFTVnews!
Version 1.0 released.