Getting vmips

Mirrors are available

The first place to look is definitely our SourceForge file release page; they have download mirrors in locations that may be closer to where you are. ("Objects in mirror," they say, "are closer than they appear.")

Public source releases are available

If you are comfortable building vmips from source, we recommend you download and build a public source release. We release sources for each version.

Binary packages may be available

We occasionally release binary packages (usually .rpm format) for x86 Linux. If a Linux binary package is available for a given version, you will find it in the same place where we distribute the source code.

VMIPS is also believed to be packaged by PLD Linux (in .rpm format) and Gentoo Linux (as part of Portage).

VMIPS is in the FreeBSD ports system, so you can download FreeBSD binary packages using the pkg tool on your FreeBSD system. VMIPS is also in pkgsrc, so you can use pkg_add to download binary packages of VMIPS on NetBSD.


Snapshots of the current development source are occasionally made available. Public CVS access is not currently provided.

Other programs you will need

You will need a MIPS cross-compiler, cross-assembler, and cross-linker. We distribute some tools which may work on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, but your mileage may vary.

It's not too hard to build your own tools, if you want something more likely to work on your system. Instructions for building cross tools are available in the INSTALL file in the vmips distribution. Visit a mirror site of the GNU FTP server to find binutils and gcc source distributions that you can build.