mips tools distribution

23 January, 2004

This distribution includes unmodified versions of gcc-3.0.2, gdb-5.2.1, and binutils-2.11.2, configured for mipsel-ecoff, and compiled for i386 linux (Redhat 7.3). There is no standard C library distributed, but it's good enough for compiling vmips ROMs, messing with the vmips debugger interface, and the like.

Just download mipsel-ecoff.tar.gz and unpack it in /opt, creating /opt/mipsel-ecoff. Add /opt/mipsel-ecoff/bin to your path. Have fun. If it breaks you get to keep both pieces.

If you want to configure vmips with it, use the command line: ./configure --with-mips=/opt/mipsel-ecoff --target=mipsel-ecoff